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ACC share price in 1992 to 2022 | ACC share price history

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This article will give information about ACC share prices in 1992 to 2022. We will also discuss the ACC share price history over various years.

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ACC Share Price in 1992 to 2022

YearShare price history per year 1992-2022
1992  127 Rupees
1993  146 Rupees
1994  189 Rupees
1995  221 Rupees
1996  165 Rupees
1997  143 Rupees
1998  129 Rupees
1999  111 Rupees
2000  272 Rupees
2001  182 Rupees
2002  178 Rupees
2003  168 Rupees
2004  299 Rupees
2005  372 Rupees
2006  580 Rupees
2007  1129 Rupees
2008  1039 Rupees
2009  558 Rupees
2010  989 Rupees
2011  1089 Rupees
2012  1208 Rupees
2013  1453 Rupees
2014  1121 Rupees
2015  1595 Rupees
2016  1381 Rupees
2017  1441 Rupees
2018  1858 Rupees
2019  1518 Rupees
2020  1577 Rupees
2021  1596 Rupees
2022  2258 Rupees

1992 ACC share price

YearAcc share price in 1992
1992Around ₹127

In 1992, the Acc share price was Rs127. Harshad Mehta, who manipulated the share price at ACC, committed a fraud during those days. Even though the company’s fundamentals were not strong, share prices began to rise dramatically. ACC shares attracted a lot of investors in 1992 due to their rising price and the fake hype and high demand.

2021 Acc Share Price

YearAcc share price in 2021
2021Around ₹1596

The 2021 share price of Acc was 1596 INR. This is close to 15x the 1992 ACC share price. This company has been performing so well for a long time. Harshad’s manipulation caused some small problems in the company, but the company grew stronger over time and began to perform well.

2020 ACC Share Price

YearAcc share price in 2020
2020Around ₹1577

In 2020, Acc shares were worth around 1577 INR. After covid-19, the company made a strong comeback. 2020: ACC share price dropped to a low of almost 950 INR on February 27, 2020 when the entire Indian stock market was in turmoil. However, ACC share prices recovered and reached a high of 1629 INR at the end 2020. It’s amazing, isn’t it?

2010 ACC Stock Rate

YearAcc stock rate in 2010
2010Around ₹989

The 2010 Acc share price was 989 rupees. The 2010 ACC share price was approximately 10x the 1992 ACC share price. The cement company has done very well in this time period. company realized the need for cement and designed their MOAT in it. They also created an entire eco-system around this product.

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ACC highest Share Price

ACC made a high of almost Rs2490 (Indian money) between 1992 and 2022.

ACC Lowest Share Price

ACC made a low of almost Rs75 (Indian currency), between 1992 and 2022.

India’s Cement Demand

Demand of Cement in India | ACC share price in 1992

Overview of the company – What is ACC?

ACC stands to represent The Associated Cement Companies Limited. It is India’s largest cement producer and ranks 3rd in cement manufacturing. F E Dinsha founded it in Mumbai on the 1st of August 1936. Holcim, a well-known swiss firm, took control of ACC’s management in 2004. ACC is more than one company. It is created by merging several companies, such as:

  • The Indian Cement Co. Ltd.
  • The Katni Cement and Industrial Co. Ltd.
  • Budhi Portland Cement Ltd.
  • The Okha Cement Co. Ltd.
  • Gwalior Cement Company Ltd.
  • The Punjab Portland Cement
  • The United Cement Co. Ltd.
  • The Shahabad Cement Co. Ltd.
  • The Coimbatore Cement
  • The Dewarkhand Cement Co. Ltd.
  • The C. P. Cement Co. Ltd.

All the above information was taken from wiki in order to assist our users in learning more about ACC and its share price.

Harshad Mehta scam 1992

Harshad Mehta, a major fraudster, manipulated the ACC share prices in 1992. This resulted in an increase of 4400% in ACC shares price within a few months.

This increase in share price was between 127INR and 9000INR.

This scam cost approximately 5000INR, and was named as the largest indian share market scam history.

FAQ of the ACC

What was the ACC share price in 1992?

In 1992, the ACC share price was 127 INR.

Who is the promoter for ACC?

ACC is promoted primarily by Ambuja Cements and Holderind Investments Ltd.

Is ACC a good investment?

Yes, the company reported profit of approximately 448.16 crore in Indian currency after taxes in the last quarter. Experts estimate that the ACC price target for 2022 will be around 2549 INR.

What is the ACC’s large cap?

Yes, Acc is a large-cap company with a total market capital of more than 37,000 crores in Indian currency.


Below are data and tables that provide information on the stock price of ACC between 1992 and 2022.

Harshad Mehta scam 1992 was also discussed to inform our users about the largest scams in the stock market in India.

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