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Commsec pocket review 2022 | Is commsec pocket good for investment

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Commsec Pocket Review – This is a micro-investing platform, also known as pocket app. It allows people to invest very little and is safe and easy to use.

This pocket app allows Australian investors to start their investing journey by investing minimum $50 AUD. Investors can trade 7 (Seven) different types of ETFs. We will discuss this further in this article. ETFs can be described as one stock that contains 10-20 stocks or 100 stocks together. Stocks in ETFs can also be sorted by one type such as tech stocks, mining stocks or healthcare stocks.

The main idea behind the development of commsec pockets app was to offer investment opportunities to people who don’t have enough money or are completely new to investing. Commsec pocket app is much cheaper than normal commsec trading apps and makes it easier to get started with investing.

Commsec pocket app: how does it work?

  • To begin, users need to sign up on the commsec app. They will need to create a username and password and then login to the app. There are 7 ETF options available.
  • You can choose from any type of ETF to start your investing journey, regardless of the price.
  • After choosing the desired ETFs option, you can pay your fees and the amount to ETFs.
  • Once payment cleared, ETFs will begin to reflect in the commsec Pocket app account.

The commsec pocket features

  • You can invest automatically by using an app-based direct debit service.
  • There are over 6 ETFs available to you as a starting investment.
  • It is a CHESS-sponsored app that provides the highest level of security for investors’ investments.
  • If an investor invests more than $1000 AUD, brokerage is much lower.
  • Commsec pocket maintenance fees are very low, even though it is completely free in certain conditions.

What are Commsec Pocket Fees?

The commsec pocket fee is quite reasonable. Let’s look at the actual numbers. Commsec pocket charges $2AUD per trade, purchase or transfer of select ETFs if investment amount is less than $1000. Commsec charges 0.2% for investors who invest more than $1000.

You can only invest in shares and ETFs via the main app of commonwealth banks. An investor must pay $10aud for each trade and a minimum trade of $500 on commsec. This is very costly and makes it difficult to begin your investing journey.

There are many other options on the market, such as Riaz. Spaceship. or selfweath. Although the fees for these micro-investing platforms are low, they aren’t as secure as commsec pockets and their features are completely different from commsec Pocket App. We believe that commsec pockets fees are reasonable.

Is the Commsec pocket app secure?

We used the word “99% safe” because it is a CHESS sponsored app. This means that any investor who has invested money through this app and purchased any type of ETFs, is a legal shareholder of those ETFs.

The 1% risk refers to volatility. This can happen when new investors panic at the prospect of a drop in the share market. However, ups and downs are part of this game. A loss is a sale by a new investor who has little or no experience in share market investing.

Long-term, shares can be risky but microinvesting app investments are almost 100 percent safe and provide nice returns over time.

To new investors, I suggest that you just keep investing. Don’t panic if ETFs prices go up or down. Stay calm and be patient. With time, you’ll see green everywhere and be able to make profits. This is a suggestion based on our experience and not financial advice. If you are going to completely rely on this information, don’t invest.

What is the current Commsec Pocket ETF List?

Aussie top 200: IOZThis ETFs is a mixture of top 200 companies listed in ASX- Australian Securities Exchange or ASX2007.50%0.09%
HealthWise: IXJ100 Medicines and health focused companies around the world are a main in this ETF.5.50%0.46%
Aussie dividends: SYIThis ETFs is mixture of 30 companies from history who paid highest value as a return in form of dividend to their lucky investors.6.70%0.35%
Emerging markets: IEMThis ETFs is a mixture of well setup companies and more than 780 businesses around the globe. Business or companies from developing countries such as India, Taiwan, Korea and few more are part of this ETF.9.50%0.68%
Tech savvy: NDQThis ETF is a mixture of 100 tech companies from all over the world specially from the countries like America, China and Australia.21.00%0.48%
Global 100: 100This ETFs is a mixture of top 100 companies from all over the globe. companies from Australia, United Kingdom, United States holds the most share in this one.3.25%0.40%
Sustainable leaders: ETHIWorlds top 200 sustainable companies are the main holders in this ETF.22.00%0.59%
commsec pocket etfs

Which Commsec Pocket ETF is best?

It is easy to see why by comparing different types of Commsec Pocket ETFs according to their returns and management fees.

There is another factor that can help you determine the best ETF.

It all depends on the person and their investment goals. The time period is also important in choosing the best ETF.

Consider this: A person who invests in ETHI for 5 years will see different returns than someone who invested the same amount of money. Compounding is important.

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Does commsec Pocket App pay dividends on investments?

Investors receive dividends on their investments. ETFs are the major investments on this platform. Each company has its own schedule for paying dividends, just like in Commsec pocket App. Dividends are paid according to ETFs holdings and the time of EFTs dividend payout.

Children’s Commsec Pocket

There isn’t a dedicated option for investing for children in the commsec pocket app. Parents need to make sure that their children are the beneficiaries of what they invest in this micro-investing app. Otherwise, there is no commsec for children.

There are a few more micro-investing apps on the market, like Raiz or spaceship. These apps are great if you want a dedicated ETF investing account to your children.

Login to Commsec Pocket

Logging into the commsec Pocket app is easy. Simply enter your username and password. If you are unable to login, you can reset your username or password. It may also ask for your linked credit card pin in order to verify your identity.

Performance of the Commsec pocket

It is extremely easy to use the app and it performs super fast. The pocket app is easy to use and allows you to invest in ETFs.

Commsec pocket security

The commsec Pocket app is extremely secure and password protected. The app is also extremely secure because it all has CHESS sponsorship which means that the investor is legally a holder of the ETF.

Commsec pocket brokerage fees

The commsec pockets fees are clearly stated above. It is $2aud for trades of $1000, and 0.02% for trades of more than $1000aud.

Support for the Commsec pocket

Well their is clear page for FAQ, still if you got any question regarding commsec pocket app, simply email then on or contact here.

Commsec pocket returns

Commsec pocket returns can be very profitable over the long-term. They are much better than keeping your money at bank, as inflation will slowly eat it each year.

What is pocket commsec?

Pocket commsec works the same way as commsec pockets. Sometimes, new investors look for pocket commsec rather than commsec pocket when they first hear about this app.

Commsec pocket vs. raiz

Raiz app is a great option for investors with less than $50 to invest. Their minimum investment value is $5. They also offer Raiz rewards, where investors/users can get free money

Commsec Pocket VS Spaceship

The Spaceship micro-investing app was developed in the UK. They mainly target tech-savvy companies so there are fewer options for ETFs to invest. However, their fees are much lower than commsec.

Commsec Pocket Withdrawal Fees

There are no withdrawal fees for commsec pocket apps. Your funds will be credited to your linked bank account within 2 days of you submitting a withdrawal request.

Commsec Pocket Reddit

Reddit users can discuss the pros and cons of the commsec app as well as the fees involved.

Additionally, there is commsec pocket Reddit. People share their investment journeys with pocket commsec. The community can also talk about how much they received in commsec dividends and how much investment return they made.

Commsec Pocket barefoot Investor

This micro trading app has been recommended by Barefoot Investors. Its features and fees are well-received by barefoot investors in commsec pockets.

Commsec pocket Benefits and Risks
Commsec pocket Benefits and Risks


What amount should I put in CommSec pockets?

A $50 minimum investment and $2 AUD fees for trades under $1000 AUD are required. We recommend that you review your investment budget to determine how much money you have available for investing in commsec pockets.

What does commsec pay in dividends?

Any ETF that is due for dividends will automatically be reinvested in your account. The distribution of dividends via commsec pocket application is completely automatic.

Is commsec good for your pocket?

Yes, commsec pockets is a good investment option because it allows new investors to begin their investing journey starting at $50. This is a much lower amount than taking a risk on the stock market.

Is CommSec Pocket a good long-term investment option?

Yes, the commsec Pocket app is a good option for long-term investment. Some ETFs pay more than 22% per annum as a return while average fixed bank deposits are way too low.

Conclusion for Commsec Pocket Review

The Commsec Pocket app is a useful micro-investing tool with many benefits. Investors can choose from a variety of ETFs to invest. Commsec pocket fees are very affordable and can be afforded by all investors. Commsec pocket ETFs are highly diversified because commsec attempted to limit the number of investors. This is our commsec pocket app review for 2022.

Share our commsec Pocket App Review or detailed explanation of commsec Pocket app, its fees, and features with your friends to help them start their micro-investing journey.

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