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How to buy NFT in Australia 2022 | Where to buy NFT Australia

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How can I buy NFT in Australia and where to purchase NFTs in Australia Here, we’ll provide an in-depth guide to how to buy NFT from Australia and the best places to purchase NFT from Australia. Our methods of helping customers are unique and authentic and free of any fraud. This method also showcases the top NFT marketplace in Australia.

Are you looking forward to seeing it? what do you obtain NFTs within AU by 2022? because investments in Nfts are in fashion these times.

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Where can you purchase NFT in Australia?

There are a variety of platforms online similar to Opensea which allow you to purchase and sell NFTs within Australia. We suggest using any platform that is secure as well as fast and centralized exchange. Centralized exchanges have the capability to reduce the burden on their customers by providing a wide range of options that are safe all in one place at affordable costs by reducing the charges for network transactions of Ethereum.

Therefore, the best option to purchase NFT is through the CoinSpot digital trading platform for assets, which provides a secure NFT marketplace for users to trade NFTs like other platforms. Users can choose to purchase or sell NFTs from the vast array of NFTs which are offered by Coinspot and they provide NFT bundles and collections for their customers.

Coinspot Nft marketplace | How to buy NFT Australia
Coinspot Nft marketplace | How to buy NFT Australia

How to purchase NFT in Australia

We suggested buying on the coinspot NFT marketplace, this article will give you more information about how to buy NFT Australia through coinspot.

Thus, Coinspot marketplace for NFT provide their users with an exclusive and simple experience in buying or trading NFTs as well as bundles. Transactions are quick and secure by coinspot. You can transfer AUD or trade NFTs in a matter of a few clicks.

How do I purchase NFT using Coinspot (coinspot market for NFT)

  • Visit the Coinspot website and click on the sign-up button.
  • Verify necessary details like email ID and mobile number.
  • Fiat deposit (Money) with a variety of methods of payment like debit, credit card and Transfer to bank.
  • Purchase any cryptocurrency coin to purchase NFT (you cannot purchase NFT with AUD directly You can convert AUD into any currency).
  • Visit the Coinspot NFT marketplace and browse NFTs as well as collections.
  • After finalizing your desired NFT, Select it
  • Click Buy button and pay with crypto coins.
  • Boom! You have successfully purchased NFT and are now an official holder of the NFT in your coinpot NFT account in Australia.
Coinspot NFT trading interface | How to buy NFTs Australia
Coinspot NFT trading interface | How to buy NFTs Australia

What is the CoinSpot NFT Bundle

It’s a bundle or, more accurately, an NFT basket made up of 10 (Non Fungible Tokens). The weight of 10 NFTs is equally distributed throughout these bundles. The main reason behind these bundles is to give the users with the experience of having more than one NFT project.

The Bundles are like NFT ETFs, in which risk is split across multiple projects. For instance, one project may go down while the other one rises. This is why in the NFT risk sharing, the risk of bundle is split for the user by coinspot.

The investment in these bundles is split into various categories like Metaverse and Play-to-earn, GameFi and many more.

Coinspot Nft bundle | Where to buy NFT in Australia
Coinspot Nft bundle | Where to buy NFT in Australia

Must checkout: 

CoinSpot Charges for NFT Bundle

Coinspot NFT bundle fees is flat at 1% for buying any NFT bundle when transacting in the currency of AUD.

There are other costs to consider when trading other things aside from NFTs on Coinspot, such as buying, selling, and deposit fees.

Coinspot AUD Deposits/Withdrawals Fees

POLi, PayID, Direct Deposits, OSKOFree
Withdraw AUDFree
Coinspot AUD Deposits/Withdrawals

Coinspot Trading Fees

Type Fee
Market Orders0.1%
Instant Buy, Sell & Swap1%
Take Profit, Stop & Limit Orders1%
Recurring Buy1%
NFT bundle1%
Coinspot Trading Fees

Coinspot NFT collections

  • 3Landers
  • AO Art Ball
  • Bored Ape Yacht Club
  • Boss Beauties
  • Cool Cats NFT
  • The Coolman’s Universe
  • Creature World
  • DeadFellaz
  • Gauntlets
  • Invisible Friends
  • PUNKS Comic
  • The Heart Project
  • VeeFriends
  • WonderPals
  • World of Women

How can you buy NFTs on OpenSea | The most trusted NFT marketplace in Australia

How can you buy NFTs on OpenSea
How can you buy NFTs on OpenSea

Opensea is a world-renowned NFTs marketplace built on the Ethereum network for trading, holding, and trading NFTs. Users can purchase or sell each NFT according to their interests. The world’s most famous NFTs are offered on this marketplace like Pudgy Penguins, Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks and numerous others. Every day, millions of people visit this site to make transactions with NFTs securely.

If you are planning to buy NFT via this platform, you will need to connect your wallet with opensea to the Metamask wallet. Then, you need to pay Metamask by using ETH.

Guide for buying NFT Australia through Opensea 2022:

  • Register an account on Coinspot.
  • Make a deposit using AUD and buy Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency.
  • Make sure you transfer the ETH via Coinspot to Metmask by using a the transfer address.
  • Visit Opensea and log in with Metmask account details for your wallet.
  • After login, select your the desired NFT that you wish to purchase.
  • Click Buy Now and pay using Ethereum.
  • Boom! You succeeded in purchasing NFT and the official NFT holder.

What are the risks of trading NFTs

  • Massive volatility: NFTs volatility is high. meaning that the cost of NFT tokens or arts vary dramatically. speed.
  • Risk of Illiquidity: A high risk of liquidity comes with some point, buyers will be suddenly not a buyer for that specific NFT.
  • Doggy marketplace: Sometimes NFTs are created through a doggy marketplace and fake hype is given to the NFT When it is sold, all NFTs are sold on the marketplace, owners go away or shut down the marketplace to buy Nfts.
  • False advertising False hype: A few NFTs don’t have a concrete plan or purpose, but buyers are drawn by the abundance of social media advertising using celebrities. If those NFTs were sold, then no liquidity, which means there is no buyer and the project is now a dead one.


How can I buy NFT tokens Australia?

The purchase of NFT tokens in Australia is easy. just sign up for an account with Coinspot and look up their NFT marketplace. Once you have selected your preferred NFT you would like to purchase and then simply purchase it using any cryptocurrency you have in your Coinspot account.

What is the best location to purchase NFT Australia?

Coinspot NFT marketplace is the best option to purchase NFT in Australia Additionally, you can purchase NFT through Opensea Solana NFT marketplace, or NFT marketplace.

How do I create an NFT ?

Connect your Metmask wallet to Opensea and then upload your token or artwork on this platform. Keep ETH as an account balance within your bank account. After that, you can publish your artwork/NFT, And boom, you’ve earned your NFT successfully.

What is minting an NFT refer to?

NFT minting involves making a brand-fresh NFT project from scratch. Technical teams will publish your work music, video, or photo token on a blockchain platform for sale is known as minting.


Overall In this article, we’ve talked about the best way to buy NFT Australia and Where to purchase NFT Australia. We also talked about coinspot NFT marketplace and NFT bundle.

The guide also explains the best way to purchase NFT from Opeansea in 2022, as well as the risk associated with NFTs are also analyzed and discussed in the post above.

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