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How to Convert wrapped SOL to SOL on Solana – the best way to do it in 2022

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This article we’ll provide you with a complete and current information for how to convert wrapped SOL to SOL on Solana. If you found this article useful and informative, then leave us five stars at the upper right corner and then recommend it to others. Let’s get started. …..

The first requirement for conversion is a Solana that is compatible with the wallet.

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How to Convert wrapped SOL to SOL on Solana

According to our honest advice using Phantom wallet that is on Solana network in order to change the wrapped SOL to SOL. Follow the 3 steps below if you have any wrapped SOL in your Phantom wallet to ensure this conversion is successful.

  • First, sign in to your Phantom wallet. Then, select wrap SOL token from your list of assets ( Asset list refers to tokens that you own).
  • Second, click on the menu button to browse other options. (Menu button appears like “…”).
  • Then, select the “unwrap all” option. And voila, you’ve successfully transformed the wrapped SOL to SOL (Solana).

Fees to unwrap Solana (SOL) tokens

The cost to open Solana tokens is less than 1 cent. Because of the Solana blockchain, is the reason Solana is known as the Ethereum killer. However, it is on ETH network, if we have to unwrap ETH or vice versa, it could cost as little as $10, and up to 50 dollars due to the expensive gasoline costs.

Covered SOL into SOL Conversion chart

Is there a wrap-sol?

Wrapped Solana is a token which symbolizes Solana within the Ethereum Blockchain. It is also able to be converted back to the standard Solana token.Wrapped Solana is a tokenized version of SOL.. It is primarily in order to enable swapping it for other tokens, for instance, things like serum.


In the previous post we talked about the best way you can convert wrapped SOL to SOL what is wrap SOL and how much are costs to convert wrapped SOL into SOL. We hope that you enjoyed the procedure we provided. If you find it useful, please spread it around. If you are investing in crypto, we urge you to check out other pages on our site as we provide information related to cryptocurrency, stocks market and investing.

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