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Kubecoin (KUBE) Review | What is the best way to purchase kubecoin? is kubecoin a legitimate or is it a scam?

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In this post In this article, we’ll give a comprehensive overview of Kubecoin The KUBE, what it is, its use case tokenomics, roadmap and the team behind kubecoin. We will also discuss how to purchase kubecoin where to buy Kubecoin and whether Kubecoin is legitimate or not.

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What is Kubecoin

Kubecoin is a cryptocurrency built on the cardano platform specifically designed to create a revolution in the travel and leisure industry. The founders’ goal is to create Kubecoin an everyday currency used to be used for tourism activities that are in real-time, or even the in the real world. Additionally, 375.000EUR was raised by the company in December.

Kubecoin’s ticker symbol is –KUBE.

Kubecoin tokenomics

Total Kubes to be minted($KUBE) 480000000
Token distributionPercentageKubes issued
Liquidity locked10%48000000
Ecosystem expansion4%19200000
Public offering36%172800000
Kubecoin tokenomics

Source: The above-mentioned information regarding Kubecoin tokenomics is sourced from Kubecoin’s official website.

Ecosystem of Kubecoin

Kubecoin (KUBE) Ecosystem
Kubecoin (KUBE) Ecosystem

As the vision of founders is clear in creating Kubecoin as the number one cryptocurrency coin in the travel, not to mention the fact that they have a few other projects planned, such as Flykube, Eatekube, Kubepay, Kubecoin NFT, Kubebox, Kubein and WowKube.

A few of their initiatives are performing fantastic in the travel and food industry across Europe and they are growing quickly because of the founder’s visionary.

Kubecoin Usecase

  • Api blockchain payments: It will enable and speed up payments for businesses by integrating them into blockchain technology using Kubecoin API blockchain payment system.
  • Staking proof: #Kubers Kubecoin holders can safely stake their coins and earn a profit and also boost their earnings by keeping active and participating in interactions.
  • Payments: Hotel bills or any other cost related to travel or leisure can be made secure through the NFC payment technology using a mobile apps by connecting your account.
  • Kubepay’s app: Kubepay’s app makes it easy for customers to purchase and sell Kubecoin (KUBE) is safe and can help users secure transactions for all purchases related to travel items and leisure products.

Kubecoin Team

The Team of Kubecoin is extremely successful, however some of their most prominent faces include:

  • Paolo Della Pepa – CEO
  • Marc Parellada – CMO
  • Daniel Martin – CTO
  • Gemma Mengual – Team Leader
  • Milto, Cavz, Andrew – Ambassadors
  • Queen Floyd, Reckss- Moderators

Kubecoin Investors

  • Draper B1 has invested 150.000EUR as an Human Venture Capital.
  • Archipelago Next made investment of 100.000EUR as an Venture Capital.
  • Enisa made an investment of 125.000EUR in a public fund.

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How to buy Kubecoin

Presently Kubecoin is not traded publicly through any exchange for cryptocurrency. So, you are unable to purchase Kubecoin directly now.

However, once it becomes made available, we will update the complete guide on how to purchase Kubecoin instantly.

Where to buy Kubecoin

They are currently not being offered for sale to the public. You can’t purchase them in any other place aside from the ICO offer system. However, after June 10, customers can purchase KUBE tokens by using this smart contract address. ICO is scheduled to end in 3 days. We expect that Kubecoin is available for purchase on Binance.

Kubecoin ICO

If you still want for Kubecoin investment then you can purchase Kubecoin tokens through their ICO. The ICO is currently operating at a cost at EUR0.12 to each token.

To purchase Kubecoin tokens in ICO it is necessary to register accounts on the official site and present your documents of KYC after KYC is confirmed by the team, only then you can purchase Kubecoin crypto coins on June 10, 2022 at 9 AM. ICO will close in three days.

Is kubecoin legit

Absolutely, Kubecoin can be considered a legitimate project because the team behind it is extremely strong, and they have established businesses like EatKube, Flykube, Simply and more. The founders are looking to extend their Ecosystem with 7 verticals.

Is Kubecoin safe?

Are you sure that Kubecoin is not a scam?

Kubecoin is definitely secure as it was created on the Cardano network which is extremely secure in and of itself. Since it is a part of the Cardano blockchain, it makes it safer and more secure and also protect Kube users from costly fuel costs.

Is kubecoin scam

Absolutely not! Kubecoin isn’t a fraud since its founders are genuine because they have been running a number of projects. Additionally, it is integrated with the Cardano blockchain, which increases the security of Kubecoin.


In the end, all of this information is Kubecoin (KUBE) along with essential issues are covered such as Kube price historical, marketcap, and history with ways to purchase Kubecoin, or where to buy it.

The myths can also be dispelled through this article, such as is Kubecoin legitimate or a scam? Are kubecoin investments safe or not.

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