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MRF share price from 1990 to 2022 – Best post about MRF history

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MRF, which stands for Madras Rubber Factory, is India’s largest tire manufacturer and 6th largest global producer. Their rubber tires are what make them so popular. Many people search for MRF share prices to find out where it originated. They do this by using a popular query on Google, which is “MRF shares price in 1990”. It is popular because of a viral internet video about a grandfather who purchased 20,000 MRF shares back in 1990.

MRF shares are among the most valuable in India’s Stock Market. This is another reason why MRF is so popular.

This post shows the historical price of MRF shares from 1990 to the current 2022 in India.

MRF share price history, 1990-2022

MRF share price history, 1990-2022

The MRF share price history from 1990 to 2022 is shown. These prices are not exact and may not be 100% accurate. MRF(INDIA), or any other source, does NOT provide such a table. Below is the MRF share price 2022.

MRF share price 2022

MRF share price 2022

The above screenshot was taken in 2022.

  • The 52-week highest MRF share was 87,550 INR.
  • The 52-week low MRF share was 63,000 INR.
  • MRF shares have a dividend yield of 0.15%

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MRF Share Price 2020

MRF’s share price in 2020 was 81,000 Indian Rupees. Covid19 caused the share price to drop to 50,000 INR in 2020.

MRF Share Price 1990

MRF shares were worth around 5 INR in 1990. This share has yielded a return exceeding 1000%. MRF investors who made large profits in 1990 are now very wealthy. MRF shares are held by some investors who still trust the company’s foundations. In 1990, MRF shares were worth around 5 rupees per share. Grandfather bought almost 20,000 shares. Today it is worth more than 1 billion.

MRF share price 1993

MRF share price was approximately rupees 11. Today, MRF’s current price is 66,000 INR. This is an increase of 6,00,000.% over the past 28 years.

MRF Share Price 1995

MRF share prices were trading at 1546 Indian rupees in 1995. This was a record-breaking growth rate over 5 years.

MRF Share price in 1980

MRF Share Not traded on BSE in 1980

Why is the MRF share price so high?

There are fewer shares than the price. The company has never divided shares, which means that one share can be split into many shares. Want to learn more about why the MRF share price remains so high? Check out this article

Who owns the largest number of MRF shares

MOVI Pvt Ltd is the largest shareholder in MRF. This hedge company holds approximately 12% of MRF shares, the rest are held by the public.

Can I buy 1 share of MRF?

Anyone with a trading account is able to buy, hold or sell MRF shares at anytime. You might have to pay brokerage fees if you buy only one share. We recommend that you carefully calculate your risk when buying 1 share.

Will MRF Touch 100000?

MRF share traded at almost 97,000INR in India on the 10th of February 2021. Then covid19 was introduced and the entire Indian Stock Market crashed. The market is recovering from a difficult landing and you may see MRF share prices surpassing 100000 in India in the future.

Are MRF stocks worth investing in?

According to past records, MRF stock has provided tremendous returns for its shareholders. MRF stock is a stock that makes a lot of money for its shareholders.

Which Indian share is the most expensive?

The only MRF (Madras Rubber Factory) that exists. Its price was initially in single digits, but now it is in five digits.


We discussed the MRF share price in 1990, which was approximately 5 INR, as well as other years such as 2022 and 2020 in the post above. We will also share some facts about MRF to wrap up the post.

  • K. M. Mammen Mappillai is the founder of the company
  • Age of the company: 76 years. Company was founded in 1946
  • Headquarters: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Principal Products: Tires, Toys and Sports Equipment, Conveyor belts, Paints, Coats
  • Worldwide service area

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