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Raiz investment review 2022 | Is Raiz a good investment?

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Raiz investment review: Australians have experienced a decline in their economy over the years that forced them to find new ways to make money. The researchers found that the future financial decline of the Australian generation could be imminent. This is why Australians turned to micro-investment. Traditional investing can be risky and people don’t have the money to invest traditionally.

Raiz, a micro-trading application that helps people deal with this precarious financial situation, was created. This application is used to generate passive income. This article will explain in detail how the application works. It’s essentially an article.

Raiz investment review: What’s Raiz?

Raiz Investment is an application that targets Australians. It allows for investment with any number of funds. It was created in February 2016.

The app allows users to invest even with just 5 dollars. It gathers small investments and builds up wealth. Raiz has a lot in common with apps like Uber and Airbnb. Uber allows drivers to connect people with any type of transportation. We need to be familiar with how it works. Raiz facilitates a simple connection between people with spare cash through Exchange Traded Fund (ETF). ETFs collect this investment, invest in a variety shares, and aim to make profit. This is the Raiz investment plan.

Raiz’s Operability and Working Conditions

Application “Raiz”, with its user-friendly interface, makes it easy to use the application. This is how Raiz works. Here is the Raiz investment method:

Deposit money: Raiz investors have three options for adding money to their Raiz investment accounts.

These are the three options for investing:

Deposit OptionDescription
Round-ups:Raiz rounds up the money with an amount, then invests it.
Lump-sum:It’s similar to investing in what you already have in your bank account.
Recurring deposits:This option allows for you to set a fixed amount to be deposited into the Raiz account each day, week or month.
Raiz investment accounts

Choose a custom portfolio

You will need to choose an investment portfolio after you’ve made your decision. There are six options for investment portfolios: Moderately conservative, Moderately aggressive, Aggressive and Emerald.

What is Raiz Portfolio?

Each portfolio contains a variety of ETFs that are allocated according to different risk levels. These portfolios were designed to be flexible and adaptable to your goals and to achieve them. Your portfolio can be modified at any time without additional fees. These portfolios allow you to make Raiz investments to generate profit.

Raiz Investment Review: What are Raiz ETFs and How Do They Work?

An ETF is basically a financial fund Raiz uses to trade on an exchange. ETFs can also be composed of stocks, bonds, or a combination of both.

Withdraw: After you have made some money, you can withdraw your money without any fees. To withdraw your funds, however, you must wait 5 days.

What is Raiz Investment, exactly?

Raiz invests the money in your accounts in different shares and portfolios to make money, as we have discussed.

Must checkout: 

Raiz Fees:

Raiz allows you to create an account for free, but it does charge fees. These fees are:

Maintenance Fees:

Raiz charges maintenance fees every time you deposit money into the investment account. If you choose to invest in a risk-based portfolio, or the Emerald Portfolio, it will most likely charge you a $3.50 per month fee. This is if your account balance is less than $15,000. A custom portfolio, which charges 4.50$ per monthly if your balance is less than $20,000, will also charge you a $3.50 fee. Investors in the Sapphire portfolio, however, will be charged a $3.50 cost regardless of their account balance. This is just one type of Raiz fee.

Account Fees:

If you trade in Raiz and have more than $15000 in your account, Raiz will not charge you the monthly insurance fee. Instead, 0.275% per month will be charged. This means that if your account has $20,000, 55$ will be charged per year. The same applies to all portfolio types. You will be charged a 0.275% account fee if you work in a Sapphire portfolio.

Management fees for ETF :

As you might have seen, Raiz is very upfront about its fees and charges. ETFs charge management fees as well. They charge a combined fee of 0.04 per annum, equal to $20 for every $50,000 remaining.

These are the three types Raiz fees that you pay to maintain your account.

Raiz Q/A

To gain insight into traders’ experience, a well-known website approached Mr. George Lucas, the CEO and Director. They asked some questions of him and received answers in such a way.

Q1: Which are the benefits for self-directed investors when using Raiz to invest? What are the advantages Raiz offers over its competitors?

Ans. He said that Raiz was not a product. Prospectors can use their savings and investments to make money. This is about making small investments at regular intervals in order to make a profit and not negatively impact their lifestyle. Additionally, he offers a great opportunity for users to make small investments to gain capital over time.

Q2:-How can you show that small amounts of money can bring about significant change?

Ans: Raiz can be referred to as a digital coin jar that you intend to use for money. Become a member of the site to get access to all features. It will monitor and control your spending on credit and debit cards that you use for shopping. If you spend $3.50, for instance on a subway ride, your card will only pay a fraction of that amount, such as $0.50. You will receive $0.50. You can also withdraw the small investment if it makes more than 5$ from your Raiz account.

Raiz has many appealing features

We present Raiz Investments: These are the features that you will likely enjoy.

It’s good for beginners:

Raiz is gaining popularity because anyone can use it, even if they are not experts in trading. Raiz offers a unique opportunity to invest as low as 5$, contrary to other investment platforms that require a large amount of capital to get started.

Fractional Investing:

This investing platform has a great feature that allows users to buy fractions (or even all) of the ETFs they want, regardless of how much money you have in your portfolio.

Regular Savings:

Raiz will show you that small investments in the future can result in greater wealth. You can make as many contributions as you like using the automatic round-up function.

Withdraw Freedom:

Raiz allows unlimited withdrawals and deposits, regardless of time. You can withdraw or deposit whenever you like.

Raiz investment review: Is Raiz for Kids?

Raiz Kids allows you to deposit money into an investment account for your children, who are under the age of 18. The Kids account is part of your main account, and it does not exist as a separate account. You can choose how much of your top-ups you want to invest in the account for your children.

Pros and cons of Raiz application

This section will give you a better understanding of the investment application.

The investment platform offers a fantastic desktop and android experience. You will not be interrupted or irritated by its notifications.Even for balances with low accounts, it charges a high fee. If you win 250$ in a winning balance, the $3.50 charge will severely impact your investment.
This application does not require you to complete lengthy and tedious forms. It’s easy to withdraw and deposit money.There are always risks involved in investing. This means that you can lose a lot of money if there is a market crash.
You can get assistance at any time you need it, and there is no waiting.You can invest in the stock markets you choose.
Raiz offers its customers rewards in the form cashback and a shopping discount.This platform is only available to individuals.
Pros and cons of Raiz application

Raiz vs Spaceship

Investment systemAutomated Fractional Diversified Rebalanced CustomisableAutomated Fractional Passive or actively managed fund
Fees$3.50 a month under $10000 .27% of balance over $10000 $4.50 a month for custom portfolios under $20k, .275% with balances over $20k$2.5 a month if balance over $100
Other featuresRound up Invest for Kids Ethical portfolio BitcoinHelpful educational content
Benefits Low cost Set and forget Rebalancing includedLow cost Good entry to investing in stocks
ConsiderationsCostly if low balance Very easy to make portfolio changes Fixed portfolio optionsSpaceship investment team pick companies in portfolios
Raiz vs Spaceship


The complete raiz review and explanation of raiz investment was provided above. If you’re interested in learning more about investing, you can download our free book Rich Dad Poor Dad from our website. Also, if your location is Australia and you need to find tax tables, check out our investing section.

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