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Roboape token review 2022 | How to buy roboape (RBA) | is roboape token legit or scam?

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Summary In this article, we will give all the details about an upcoming token called ROBOAPE (RBA). We will go over the process to buy the roboape token, and will also talk about whether ROBOAPE token is a genuine product or fraud.

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What’s Roboape (RBA) Token?

Roboape is another meme token that was created on the ETH platform within the crypto space. The main reason for the creation of the Roboape token is to offer greater and better services to the community rather than profiting from the founders. The token will offer greater value to its users contrast to what it demands from its customers. DEFI Platform will offered with it to cryptocurrency enthusiasts and admirers. What will roboape offer their customers:

Roboape Academy – This will be a no-cost platform offered by Roboape for their customers to further their knowledge of crypto, DEFI, Metaverse , WEB 3.

Roboape charity games and activities to make the world a better for everyone and also to help other Roboape is a major participant in charitable events and games.

Roboape’s community-driven is the major goal of the $RBA token, and they refer to the members of their community their APE’s. In any decision-making process, APE will be considered , and the they will be listened to by the team as well as have the right to raise the issue.

Roboape merchandise – To enhance market share and to build a massive community specific merchandises, special products are planned to be created.

Roboape Ecosystem

For DevelopersFor Creators
Developing Smart ContractsMemes, Graphics, and Animations
Developing ApplicationEducational Content
Platform ImprovementsHost Exclusive Events
ROBOAPE Ecosystem for creators and developers

Roboape Finance: as a de-fi coin there are many opportunities to build and interact with, as well as manage financials with the help of decentralization.

Burning Mechanism: The transaction fees generated by the RDA platform are utilized for burning tokens, half of which will be used and the other half to return to wallets of users.

Roboape market for NFTs: Community of Roboape can mint NFT on the RDA platform. It can also store these NFTs and sell them in the form of Roboape cards.

Roboape eSports: Roboape eSports are designed to enhance the gaming experience and standard there will be regular gaming content for the roboape community.

Roboape Swap: Roboape will be a bridge between blockchain networks to facilitate swaps and transactions across chains, or coins or tokens.

Roadmap for Roboape

Roboape Roadmap

Roboape token details

Roboape token details

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Roboape token presale

At present, it is difficult to purchase roboape from any exchange. It is only available through its current pre-sale. It is possible to sign up for pre-sales here. There will be 900,000,000 RBA will be released during the this pre-sale period. The pre sale period will last beginning on 17 May 2022 until 11 August , 2022. Once the RDA It will then be offered on various exchanges . You are able to purchase it right away.

Roboape (RDA) token distribution

Area of distributionPercentage
Exchange Listings18.9%
Reserve Capital16.7%
Founders & Team13.3%
Dev Wallet5.6%
Community Fund (De-Fi, Staking, Rewards etc)4.4%
Advisories & Partners5.2%
Charity (Community Choice)3.2%
Token distribution of RoboAPE : RDA
  • Tokens belonging to Roboape Team will remain locked during the the first three months.
  • Tokens from advisors and Partners will remain in lock for a period of 12 months
  • Reserve capital tokens will be be locked for a period of 12 months.

Are RoboApe (RDA) legitimate ?

As of now, we cannot comment as they’re still new to the market, and we can’t discover any information regarding the founders in their website. We’re constantly checking the person behind this venture and once we know the names, we will be able to make a decision on whether Robloape is genuine or not.

Is Roboape fraud in finance?

We are not able to comment on the situation at present as we wait to see Roboape team to update their whitepapers to include the team’s information as well as names of those who are behind the their project. When everything is clear and there is a an accurate picture of the founders, we will be able to determine if this is a scam or not.

Are RoboApe ($RDA) secure ?

It’s difficult to tell if is it safe or not. We’re waiting to hear the people behind this project. Overall, the project appears to be promising, but we aren’t able to say whether roboape is secure or not.


What Blockchain network Roboape is based?

Roboape is based on ETH (Ethereum) the blockchain.

When tokens are generated, how will the number of RBA tokens would be made available?

The tokens are expected to be 900 million in total. accessible during the token generation.

What is the cost of Roboape tokens in the presale?

It’ll start at 0.006173 at the time of pre-sale and continue to rise as you buy it each time.

How can I purchase Roboape token?

At present, it is not available for exchange. It can be bought through the Pre-sale option on their official site.

Where can I buy Roboape token?

It is available for purchase via the official website of roboape at the time of launch. It will be accessible on several platforms for trading in public for purchase and sale.

Roboape token ICO

There will be only 275,000 RBA will be released during the pre-sale phase and this sale will last between 17 May 2022 and 29 August 2022.


In this article, we talked about the best way to purchase RDA (Roboape financial) coin. We also talked about whether roboape was legitimate or a scam. We hope you loved this article about the $RDA. We suggest you visit our website and check out other articles about upcoming tokens as well as learn more about the metaverse, NFTs, and stocks on our site.

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