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Solana to FTM bridge | How to bridge fantom to solana in 2022?

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This is a special article. In this post, we will discuss the meaning of Solana to FTM bridge and how you can bridge fantom to solana simply in a couple of steps. If you are really interested to know, continue reading this article to the end.

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Solana To FTM bridge Requirements

Right to the core. If you wish to transfer your assets, money or possessions, and assets to Solana into Fantom Opera, then you have to make two transfers using two different bridge protocols like:

  • PORTAL via Wormhole: The PORTOL by Wormhole protocol allows you to change your Solana (SOL) in to Ethereum (ETH). Portal allows unlimited transactions for the coins wrapped by the wormhole. They also provide bridging service to just those crypto-currency coins.
  • Synapse Protocol: The Synapse Protocol assists in bringing the assets, funds, and possessions to their destination through the conversion of ETH into FTM.

How do you bridge Solana to FTM?

There are a few steps to follow to connect Solana to FTM similar to other cryptocurrency like ETH as well as USDC. Two cross-chain bridging applications are needed as described previously, where one of them will shift Solana into a virtual machine run by ETH (Ethereum) while the the other moves Ethereum into the ecosystem of the SOL network.

To accomplish this, users must follow a process that is comprised of a several steps. These include:

Steps to Portal Token Bridge ( SOL to Ethereum)

Bridge Solana to Fantom | SOL to FTM bridge

  • In the first place, you need to first have a Metamask wallet or another cryptocurrency wallet to be able to pay for transactions.
  • Second, on PORTOL bridge, select the token you wish move from Solana onto Fantom.
  • The third option is to pick Ethereum(ETH).
  • Fourth, confirm (Double Check) and accept the transaction .

Then wait for a few hours to get tokens into your Ethereum wallet, which was linked at the beginning.

Actions for Synapse Protocol (ETH for FTM)

Solana to FTM bridge | ETH to FTM

After you have received your assets in the Ethereum wallet following transactions using PORTOL and only after that, you ultimately transfer your assets from SOL to the FTM ecosystem with the help of Synapse Protocol by converting ETH into SOL.

  • Choose Ethereum and then fill in the desired amount of tokens or assets you would like to bridge to Fantom.
  • After selecting the value of asset, then click on BRIDGE button.
  • Boom, you’ve successfully transferred the gap between Solana (SOL) and Fantom (FTM).

Costs to Solana from FTM bridge

The cost of all transaction are very low on Solana Network is very cheap and are less than 1 cent. However, if you wish to change to SOL to FTM then different decentralized applications are utilized and some may be costly when transacting on the ETH network.

Additionally, when you wish to transfer your investments between ETH to SOL and vice versa, you will need to pay a high amount for gas and they are typically expensive and can range between $100 and $150 per transaction.

Moving large amounts of tokens, assets to Solana to FTM could be expensive.

The current cost of SOL

The current cost of FTM


In the article above we have discussed the Solana and Fantom bridge and how users can transfer assets from Solana Network ecosystem to Fantom ecosystem. We also provided a step by procedure for bridging with apps. Bridging fees were also discussed in connection with SOL in relation to FTM movement.

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