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Spaceship Voyager Review 2022 | Are spaceships a good investment?

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Spaceship Voyager Review: In the years 2008-2010, Australians went through a financial crisis that deprived them of the ability to invest in traditional or macro investment. Traditional investment needs an immense amount of money to become an asset that can withstand the market’s turbulences as well, they weren’t necessarily in a position to make that happen.

In the course of time, some alarming reports claiming a future-oriented financial calamity sparked the genius of the top 1% to create something that could provide a low investment and generate an income. In the midst of a myriad of platforms and applications Spaceship Voyager was developed to encourage micro-investment among people who are struggling. This article is dedicated to spaceship investment reviews.

What exactly is Spaceship Voyager | Spaceship Voyager Review

This application that was initially designed for Australians it was developed to encourage micro-investment. It allows even novices to begin investing as little as an example of $1. The application has two major advantages. One is that even novices and low-income people could invest. Secondly, it eliminated the anxiety of losing large and hard-earned amount of money to investors.

Spaceship Voyager Review
Spaceship Voyager Review

The operation of this app is rather unique compared to the global financial system. While you are seeking a piece of human financial advice that is based on the specific circumstances. Voyager provides a more efficient method of investing through its technology. It does, however, reduce the personalization, making it somewhat automated, but it’s extremely affordable compared to consulting an advisor in the financial sector. This is why it is a great option for people who are just starting out with an insignificant financial resource. With its basic characteristics, it is possible to evaluate the spaceship’s performance.

Investors have three choices to fund their portfolios. They can choose to pay lump sums or schedule periodic weekly or fortnightly or monthly topping-ups. Additionally, you can track and track the progress of your portfolios using the app. The application is slated to add more content and shine light on this spaceship review article.

Spaceship Voyager Review: How can you invest in Spaceship Voyager?

When it comes to the way we invest in Spaceship is concerned, the platform lets traders invest in three portfolios, each comprised of various organizations that are from all over the world such as Australia and China, the US, China, and Argentina. But, you cannot modify or alter the portfolios.

spaceship app review
spaceship app review

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How Spaceship Voyager operates?

Beginning using an application for Spaceship traveler application easy as it doesn’t place complicated or intricate steps for investors to complete, rather it simplifies the process of applying for it.

These are the steps that should be taken to get started:

  • In the beginning, you must download the app It is free to download. Additionally, you can establish the account online with the help of the web browser.
  • After installing the app, or navigating to the site After that, all you have to do is to fill in the information on the form provided and there you are!
  • The third step is to choose a portfolio out of the three options depending on the amount of risk you are willing to take and how much money you want to reap through your investment.
  • In the end, you should connect a bank account with the application, so that your account will be credit for the investment, and also receive the gain. This makes transferring simple.

It might have helped to increase your knowledge about spaceship investment reviews.

What are the options available for portfolios that are available Spaceship Voyager?

There are three portfolio options to choose from and here are the specifics:

Spaceship Universe Portfolio:

This portfolio is a live or active fund comprised of 70-100 companies. WWG criteria will be pursued by the spaceship Voyager. WWG criteria analyze and monitor the competitive advantage of each company as well as its future growth product and the future of its product. The fund plays a key role in strengthening domestic US companies such as Facebook, Tesla, Apple, Microsoft, and other well-known companies like Afterpay, Zip, and Seek.

Spaceship Index Portfolio

Spaceship offers a different alternative to a portfolio that is made out of Australian shares of 100 worldwide assets. Additionally, it is an [assive index fund ] that is based on an equal weightage index of the biggest companies in relation to their market capitalization. Employing an equal-weightage index over an index of market weightage reduces the impact of big companies and increases exposure to smaller firms. This aspect of Spaceship investment review sheds the spotlight on various portfolios.

Here is the spectrum of asset allocation targets in this investment portfolio.

  • Global public companies that are large and global, 75 percent (70-80 percent range)
  • Australian major public firms with 20 percent (15-25 percent range)
  • Cash 5 percent (0-10 percent range)

Spaceship Earth Portfolio:

Then, but not last but not least, we have our Spaceship Earth portfolio that is an active fund that includes 30-50 businesses that are considered to have positive and positive effects on earthlings and their planet in a variety of negative areas, such as poverty, education quality and climate change. The fund is used to conduct an assessment of negatives to block or stop companies that are involved in those listed below:

  • Fossil fuels
  • Gambling
  • Alcohol and tobacco
  • Human rights violations
  • Animal cruelty

The portfolios provide a great perspective on the performance of spaceship voyagers since there are 3 distinct choices

Can I personalize the portfolio of investments?

However, Spaceship investment reviews reveals that there isn’t a choice to invest in portfolios. It is a unit trust where investments from other investors are collected and then put into an investment portfolio. It is a privilege to have units of the fund, and each unit has a beneficial stake in the assets collectively.

Spaceship voyager cost – how much does it cost?

In the beginning, it doesn’t charge any registration fees, plus there aren’t any fees for the $50,000 investment. After that, investors must pay a portion of their total balance that is greater than $5000. The fees details in the table below. Not the last, there aren’t any departure, withdrawal or brokerage charges. So, middle class individuals applaud Spaceship voyager’s performance.

FeesUniverse PortfolioOrigin PortfolioEarth Portfolio
Fee charged on the first $5,000 investedZeroNew ZeroZero
Fee charged on the balance above $5,0000.10% p.a.0.05% p.a.0.10% p.a.
The total annual cost incurred on a balance of $10,000$5$2.50$5
Spaceship Voyager Review 2022

Are spaceships a good investment?

You should begin investing in Spaceship Voyager in view of these advantages:


It’s quite transparent and allows users to check their holdings and assets with an account on spaceship.

Low fees:

In this case, you’re only responsible for paying one management fee for operating the portfolio.

Simple structure:

It is easy to choose various portfolios by using the efficient method.

Barriers to starting at a low level:

There is no set amount at which you can begin. You can start as low as just a dollar.

More global exposure and sector exposure

The financial industry is vast , and you can benefit from more exposure through enhanced diversification of the industry.

Carefully selected news:

You will receive authentic information on the companies that invest into your investment portfolio giving you the opportunity to know more about the company and become more proficient.

Regular Top-ups for Investments:

You are competent of establishing an investment plan that will increase your investment each week. By following this method it is not necessary to be concerned about the investment you make. The benefits of investing in this platform are an important part of Spaceship Voyager performance.

Pros and Pros of Spaceship Voyager

Are you now ready to download the application and begin investing on this platform? We’re going to present the pros and cons so you will be more informed!

Pros Cons
There aren’t any fees for investments up to $5,000. That means even middlemen and students are able to invest without having to pay any fees.There are fees associated with large amounts of investment, that exceed $5000. It is therefore worth taking into consideration the fees prior to investing a large amount.
Spaceship Voyager is an easy platform for us to use as opposed to the other options. It lets you easily monitor your investments and earnings.The investment options on this platform be a risk in and of itself. The risk of the market is that stocks could increase or decrease. The risk of currency is the fast change in exchange rates, which can have a significant impact on the value of your investments. Thirdly, there is a concentration risk, which is triggered by the risk of condensing your assets into a single set of classes.
One of the best advantages of this website is the fact that there is no minimum investment requirement. Investing with just a few dollars is possible.There’s a small selection in terms of portfolios, and there are just three portfolios.
Spaceship Voyager stops you from regularly checking the account to replenish it. You can create the account with a regular basis to make payments regularly at intervals.
Pros and Pros of Spaceship Voyager

You can invest safely with the Spaceship Voyager Review, which informs you of its pitfalls.

Is Spaceship Voyager safe?

Based on the reviews that have been received to date It is a good idea to consider investing in this platform as there isn’t a minimum investment and you can get started with one dollar. In time, you’ll discover some strategies to stay safe and earn money. In essence, it’s a safe and reliable platform for novices. It’s the best way to evaluate the performance of spaceships.

A comparison between Raiz vs Spaceship

Feature RaizSpaceship
Portfolio options It gives 7 different portfoliosThere are three portfolios
Trading FeesCharges a fee of $3.50 monthlyCharges $2.50 per month
Key BenefitsIt is collectively low costIt provides an easy way to invest in Stocks
A comparison between Raiz vs Spaceship
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