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Spaceship vs Raiz vs Commsec Pocket App | Best micro investing apps australia 2022

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This is one of the most popular posts on We will be sharing our insights on the top micro-investing apps in Australia for 2022. Also, we provide a comparison of spaceship vs. raiz pocket apps.

What is mirco-investing? Micro-investing means that you only invest small amounts of money every day. This makes investing easier, especially since it is usually done via an app.

Spaceship vs Raiz vs Commsec Pocket App in summary
Spaceship vs Raiz vs Commsec Pocket App in summary

Spaceship vs Raiz vs Commsec Pocket App in summary

Investment systemAutomated Fractional Diversified Rebalanced CustomisableAutomated Fractional Passive or actively managed fundAutomated (if account funded) 7 ETFs to select
Fees$3.50 a month under $10000 .27% of balance over $10000 $4.50 a month for custom portfolios under $20k, .275% with balances over $20k$2.5 a month if the balance is over $100$2 per trade if under $1000 .20% if over $1000
Other featuresRound up Invest for Kids Ethical portfolio BitcoinHelpful educational contentWell-explained process Connected to Commsec accounts
Benefits Low cost Set and forget Rebalancing includedLow-cost Good entry to investing in stocksLow-cost broker trading Build DIY portfolio
ConsiderationsCostly if low balance Very easy to make portfolio changes Fixed portfolio optionsSpaceship investment team pick companies in portfoliosNeed an understanding of ETFs and what you are investing in Can be costly if trading frequently
Spaceship vs Raiz vs Commsec Pocket App

Raiz review

What is raiz? How does it work?

Riaz, a micro-investing platform that allows you to link your debit card to your bank account, and each time you make a purchase it rounds it to the nearest dollar. Then you raiz invest this amount in your Riaz investment share portfolio. The low entry cost is another attractive feature of raiz. You could actually start investing with very little money, and not have to take on too much risk.

  • You can also check your raiz portfolio performance using the raiz app. Additionally, you can get various offers from the raiz rewards section of the app.
  • ASX also lists Raiz. On Google, you can search for raiz share price, raiz shares, or raiz stock if you want to find raiz share price.
  • Raiz sends yearly tax statements to raiz.

How do I close my Raiz account?

You can close your raiz account by using raiz app, or calling the raiz contact number.

Which Riaz portfolio is the best?

The best portfolio is raiz sapphire.

Raiz vs spaceship

Ease of useEasyEasy
PortfoliosWide range of portfoliosLimited portfolios
Trading fees$3.50 monthly$2.50 monthly
SecurityPassword, Fingerprint scannerPassword, Face recognition
Referral amount$5 per refer$10 per refer
Raiz vs spaceship

Must checkout: 

Spaceship voyager review

Spaceship Voyager is a micro-investing platform that gives you access to managed funds that directly invest in shares. Spaceship voyager does not function as a brokerage platform. Instead, managed funds are pulled from your account and invested. A spaceship will manage the portfolio construction and allocation of the money when you invest in one the three available portfolios. Spaceship portfolios are managed investment schemes. This means that you can’t opt out of any shares within the portfolio. These platforms allow you to invest as much or as little as you like.

  • Spaceship Origin: Follows top 100 stocks passively
  • Spaceship Universe: An actively managed fund that tracks the top global stocks
  • Spaceship Earth: A collection of companies that have a positive effect on carbon emissions

Review of the Commsec Pocket

  • What is a commsec pocket?
  • What is the working principle of commsec pockets?
  • How do you use commsec pockets?

Answer all your above questions – This app is the same raiz app that so many Australians have used for years. Commsec pocket etfs investment offers seven options, but they only offer etfs-based options. This app keeps it relatively cheap. The brokerage cost is only $2 and you can start with $50 to $1000. The app has seven investment options. These include aussie top 700, aussie yields, global 100 and emerging markets.

These apps are fundamentally different.

The Commsec Pocket App and its structure are very simple. It allows you to easily invest in exchange traded fund and offers seven traded funds.

With raiz, things get a bit more complicated. Although they use exchange traded funds, they do so in a slightly different manner. They offer six options, ranging from lower to higher risk, and diversify etfs. This is quite ironic considering the basic nature of an exchange traded fund.

The Spaceship Voyager app manages funds easily. It uses multiple etfs at different amounts. Managed funds are managed by experts who manage the ins and outs of the fund and then make changes based on their opinions.

Spaceship vs Raiz vs Commsec pocket application fees

Fees$3.50 a month under $10000 .27% of balance over $10000 $4.50 a month for custom portfolios under $20k, .275% with balances over $20k$2.5 a month if balance over $100$2 per trade if under $1000 .20% if over $1000
Raiz vs. spaceship vs. commsec pocket fees

Minimum investment according to Spaceship vs Raiz vs Commsec

Commsec pocket requires a minimum investment to be $50, while raiz investment requires a minimal investment of $5. Spaceship voyager does not require a minimum investment.


There is very little risk with commsec-pocket apps. Check out their commsec app and commsec pockets reviews.

Is raiz safe? Is it worth the risk? The risk depends on which option you choose. They offer six different portfolios and raiz children depending on your risk level. The risk level in raiz is generally medium-high.

Spaceship voyagers are at greater risk because they haven’t been around for a while. It arrived in Australia in 2018.


These micro-investing platforms are all great. They are all worth looking at, and are easy to use for beginners. There is one major difference between them all: the fees. Spaceship seems to have a lower fee, despite all the adjustments they’ve made.

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