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Swyftx vs CoinSpot – Don’t invest until you see this in 2022

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Is Coinspot the better option for YOU or Swyftx?

Australians are among the top cryptocurrency enthusiasts and this is evident when there are over 250 registered exchange websites. With so many platforms to pick from, it’s confusing, particularly if you’re an absolute beginner. The exchange you select is a major factor in the margins you earn and could either decide the outcome of any trading experience. If you’re reading this review, it’s possible that you’ve broken Swyftx vs CoinSpot down to two major platforms, Swyftx as well as Coinspot.

We’ve provided a basic comparison with CoinSpot as well as SwyftX below, which includes their charges, security, and the various currencies that they can provide to assist you in making an informed choice.

Swyftx Overview

Swyftx was founded in the year the year 2019 by Alex Harper (CEO) & Angus Goldman (CTO) to aid Australians in trading digital coins without fear. Both of the founders are highly regarded crypto enthusiasts. They focus on the problems of crypto traders as well as solving gap in the market.

Swyftx Overview

The platform offers a simple registration process and identity verification is less than five minutes. The platform also offers the new user $20 of BTC when they sign up, and you can also sign up for the demo account to practice using the $20.

Coinspot Overview

Coinspot is among the most simple exchange websites located in Australia and was established in 2013. Initially, they dealt in bitcoin, but over time they’ve grown to accommodate a variety of altcoins.

Coinspot Overview

Making an account is relatively easy However, the identity verification process is more complicated. But, it’s quite simple and fast to set up.

What Is The Difference Between Swyftx and Coinspot?

To assist you in deciding which one to sign up with for your next transaction, here’s a look at Coinspot against Swyftx which is primarily focused on the most important features that cryptocurrency traders must focus on.

Let’s go for 9 rounds to find out which one emerges as the obvious victor…

1. Ease of use: Swyftx vs Coinspot

The world of cryptocurrency can be confusing and difficult to navigate which is why it’s crucial to select a site that has an easy interface. Swyftx has built a website with a user-friendly layout that is appealing for both novice and experienced traders.

Their design is stunning and it is easy to look up information without any trouble. If you’re just beginning to learn about the world of cryptocurrency trading, Swyftx gives you a 20-dollar bitcoin for free to help you get up and running before you can begin trading regularly.

Coinspot also offers a website that makes digital portfolio management simple. It’s available on desktops and mobile devices and features an appealing color scheme that is easy to look at.

2. Security : Swyftx vs CoinSpot

In 2021, theft of cryptocurrency was up by 40%, and reached $1.9 billion. The cryptocurrency exchange websites are the most frequent target of malicious hackers. Investing in a shady platform puts your money in danger. The two platforms are investing in security measures to keep your funds secure.

Swyftx offers multi-layer security protocols with 2-factor authentication. It’s intended to prevent the possibility of unauthorized logins to the account. This feature is activated during registration, and it notifies you every time someone attempts to access your account.

It’s required to confirm withdrawals, accept any changes to your account information and, sometimes, to verify the value of trades.

Swyftx has partnered with a third-party, Auth0, a cloud platform security company to assist them in maintaining the highest standards for security for passwords and accounts. They also utilize data encryption. as well as penetration tests to secure your account. Swyftx has not been compromised and has passed penetration testing to protect your account. That is quite impressive.

Coinspot is also not hacker-proofed. The security features of Coinspot are excellent, but they are lax in comparison to Swyftx. Their most important security feature is called 2FA that transmits a number to your phone each when someone attempts to gain access to your account.

They’ve also set sessions with timeout limits and a custom withdrawal reduction in order to safeguard your account.

3. Management : Swyftx vs CoinSpot

Exchanges that manage money are more secure since they must be in compliance with Anti-Money Laundering rules and Know Your buyer’s rules. Swyftx is compared to CoinSpot drastically reduces instances of fraud, thereby increasing the security of accounts.

Each of Swyftx as well as Coinspot are overseen by AUSTRAC and must abide by the strict regulations that regulate the Australian financial sector.

4. Procedure of Deposit & Withdrawal : Swyftx vs CoinSpot

Both platforms feature a kind of well-known withdrawal and deposit process to increase ease of use. On Swyftx it is possible to make quick transactions using POLi, PayID, OSKO debit cards, bank transfer.

PayID and PLOi allow instant deposits. OSKO deposits will be credited to your account that day however transfer to banks can take some time. Swyftx users are limited to the option of a limit of $20,000 for transactions. however, once you’re checked, your limit is increased to $100,000. It’s not a cost for withdrawals made in AUD.

Coinspot On its own, offers four main deposit methods: BPAY, POLi, cash and PayID. All of these options offer instant deposits, with the exception of the BPAY deposit which is processed within 3 days.

days. The maximum cash amount to withdraw from Coinspot is $10,000 and includes an 8,000 cash deposit, which is quite restrictive for those who have experience. One other downside is that you are able to only withdraw money from Coinspot by using fiat money.

5. Keep Up Cryptocurrencies : Swyftx vs CoinSpot

The amount of cryptocurrency that are available on an exchange website regulates the trading pairs you are able to invest in. If the site is not stocked with currencies, Swyftx vs CoinSpot limits the amount of trades that you can make and could reduce your earnings.

Swyftx currently holds more than 250 coins, which include the most well-known ones like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum Additionally, less well-known Coins are included, including Civic (CVC. They can be traded for as opposed to USD, AUD USD and BTC.

Coinspot also offers a range of digital coins and is continuously changing these. This is the reason why Coinspot is popular with experienced investors who trade diversifying portfolios.

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6. Fees (Swyftx vs Coinspot)

Swyftx fees performs every trade at market value which is the reason they charge the lowest fees for trading in Australia. They do not trust any trading limit or charge deposits and the withdrawal fee for deposits in cryptocurrency and fiat above $200. Deposits that are less than $200 will be charged 2.

Swyftx charges the most open-outs are 0.45 percent and charges the 0.6 percent convenience fee for every trade.

Coinspot fees are only charged the 0.1 percent trading fee, which is quite low. However, they charge an 1% convenience charge on all transactions that is very large in comparison with other platform. The fees for withdrawals and deposits are depending on the channel that is used.

7. Customer Support (Swyftx vs Coinspot)

Swyftx has a hefty customer support in addition, their Trustpilot reviews prove this. They’ve earned a score at 4.7 following more than 2300 customer reviews, which are impressive.

They’re very responsive and you can expect to hear from them within three minutes, excluding emails that can be a long time. Swyftx also offers a collection of tools that you can access to help resolve problems with your account that are typical.

Coinspot offers excellent customer service even though their score has been lower in Trustpilot. They currently have the 4.5 rating after reading over 1000 reviews. They can be reached out to them by using their live chat function on their site as well as support tickets.

8. Mobile App : Swyftx vs CoinSpot

Mobile apps are quick and allow traders to trade while on the move. Their biggest drawback is the tiny screen. There is a similar type as on a PC.

The two Swyftx and Coinspot offer mobile apps that are compatible with Android and iOS and have a similar interface with the desktop version for a smooth user experience.

Demo Account

Demo accounts come in handy when you’re a beginner and still learning about the cryptocurrency market. Swyftx compares to CoinSpot lets you simulate real-world trading and test out different trading pairs without needing to spend real money.

Swyftx offers an account demo that allows you to reset your account after virtual cash has run out.

Choosing between two exchange platforms in Australia, what are the factors to consider?

In the process of creating an account on an exchange platform you must take into consideration factors like

  • ID Verification: The majority of Australian cryptocurrency exchanges are regulated, and it’s likely that you’ll need to prove your identity. Although it’s less difficult to sign up on an unregulated platform however, it’s more risky, and you’ll be tied to small trading limits.
  • Accepted Cryptocurrencies: Always opt for a platform that supports cryptocurrency pairs that align with the investment goal. Most often, Australian exchange sites don’t support new currencies or ones that allow buyers to be anonymous.
  • Limits and restrictions on trade The restrictions set on the amount of crypto you are able to trade daily is determined by the volume of trading on the website.
  • Fiat Currency: if you intend to deposit or withdraw funds in dollars, you should choose an exchange that is compatible with fiat agreements.
  • Security History: Has the platform ever been compromised previously? Exchange sites are frequent targets for hackers who are malicious, however high-security platforms seldom get attacked. Go for a website with multi-layer security protocols

Coinspot vs Swyftx : Which One Should You Sign up On?

The exchange you choose must be determined by the charges, security level as well as supported cryptocurrency. the customer service.

Both platforms are suitable for novice and experienced traders. Swyftx includes more features which can make your trading experience in a healthy way.

They also charge lower fees in comparison to Coinspot which has a transaction fee of 1 percent. Swyftx demo account also allows you to improve your trading .skill before you put your hard-earned money.

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