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Why MRF share price is so high and expensive?

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Are you curious to find out Why MRF share price is so high and expensive? If yes, then read on. This article will provide more information about MRF shares, including historical data and MRF share prices in 1990.

An overview of MRF companies: Madras Rubber Factory is the full form of MRF. They are India’s 6th largest tyre manufacturer and India’s largest. The company’s high-quality products and share prices brought it to prominence.

Why is the MRF share price so high?

MRF shares are so expensive because there are fewer shares. The company has never divided any MRF shares to lower the share’s price. MRF shares are the most expensive shares at present, with a current value of over 90,700 rupees.

MRF share price
MRF share price

Which Indian share is the most expensive?

MRF is India’s most expensive share. It currently trades at 74,000 INR. MRF shares are more expensive because they don’t split their shares, and their market capital can be huge.

Will MRF Touch 100000?

It could reach 100000 in the near future. MRF share price reached its highest point of 96,000 INR on February 10, 2021. There was speculation that it would reach 100000 within the next few days, but it later falls. The fundamentals of MRF share are strong so it is possible to assume that MRF share will break its all-time high and reach a new record of over 1 Lac rupees.

Is MRF investing a good idea?

MRF is a good investment because it is renowned for its quality and reliability. MRF’s strong fundamentals and ROI have helped it outperform the stock market in the past. Stock is a popular share. People love to own MRF shares just to say that they have 1 MRF share. Everything is great at this company, so long-term vision investing in MRF is safe and sound.

Can I buy 1 share of MRF?

Yes, you can purchase 1 share of MRF. Simply open a trading account with any broker to purchase 1 share of MRF. This stock is very volatile and can result in huge losses.

Who holds the most MRF shares?

MOWI Pvt Ltd is the largest shareholder of MRF shares. They are a well-known hedge fund company. MOWI Pvt Ltd has 12% of MRF shares. The rest are in the hands of large shareholders.

What was the MRF share price for 1990?

MRF shares were worth 5 rupees in 1990, but now they are worth 74,000. This gem stock has made a lot of investors millionaires.


We discussed in the previous post why MRF share prices are so high. We also discussed MRF shares price in 1990 and whether it is a good idea to invest in MRF shares. We hope you enjoyed this article. To learn more about investing, we recommend that you visit other pages on Indian stock market.

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