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Wipro share price in 1980 to 2022 | Wipro share bonus and split history

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This article will give you information on Wipro share price in 1980 to 2022 and bonus history in 1980, split history, and how much money it would have been worth if you invested 10000 in Wipro in 1980.

In 1980, Wipro’s share price was 100 Rupees.

WIPRO stands to represent Western India Products. It was established by Mohamed Premji, a Maharashtra-based entrepreneur in 1945. Wipro is a multi-national company at the top of its class. Their main products include Lightning, Furniture and Health care. They also offer managed services, consulting, it services, outsourcing and other products. Their headquarters is located in sarjapur (Bangalore, Karnataka), India.

Wipro share price in 1980

YearWipro share price in 1980
1980100 Rupees

In 1980, Wipro’s share price was 100 rupees. The 100 rupees value was extremely high at that time. If they kept their shares until now (2022), people who invested in Wipro in 1980 would have made a lot of money. This company has made a lot of people crorepati because they have never sold Wipro shares.

Wipro share price in 2010

YearWipro share price in 2010
2010187 Rupees

In 2010, Wipro’s share price was 187 Rupees. This share gained sudden popularity and became very popular in India.

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Wipro share price history 1995-2022

19952.20 Rupees
19961.82 Rupees
19974.09 Rupees
199818.53 Rupees
1999114.24 Rupees
2000388.09 Rupees
2001115.19 Rupees
200271.04 Rupees
200367.58 Rupees
200487.17 Rupees
2005105.75 Rupees
2006150.75 Rupees
2007155.48 Rupees
2008120.38 Rupees
2009157.48 Rupees
2010187.5 Rupees
2011186.3 Rupees
2012169.88 Rupees
2013210.56 Rupees
2014233.21 Rupees
2015254.1 Rupees
2016227.63 Rupees
2017237.3 Rupees
2018257.96 Rupees
2019301.6 Rupees
2020390.5 Rupees
2021739.85 Rupees
2022390.20 Rupees

10000 Invested in Wipro in 1980 | Wipro share bonus and split history

YearActivityTotal Shares
1980 Investment100
19811:1 Bonus200
19851:1 Bonus400
1986Share split to FV Rs.104,000
19871:1 Bonus8,000
19891:1 Bonus16,000
19921:1 Bonus32,000
19951:1 Bonus64,000
19972:1 Bonus1,92,000
1999Share split to FV Rs.29,60,000
20042:1 Bonus28,80,000
20051:1 Bonus57,60,000
20102:3 Bonus96,00,000
20171:1 Bonus1.92 Lakh
20191:3 Bonus2.56 Crore

You would own 100 shares of Wipro if you had invested 10,000 rupees into Wipro in 1980. Your 100 shares will now be converted into 2,56,000.000 shares after Wipro bonus and share splits from 1980 to 2022. This is a large number of shares. Today’s Wipro price is Rupees 559, so you get 559×2,56,000.000= 14,314,00,000.

Is Wipro a good investment?

Wipro is a great investment. This company has made many higher highs since its inception. The above tables will show you how much you could have made if wipro was invested in 1980.

What can you learn from this growth experience? It’s easy to invest in quality companies and keep your money for the long-term. We recommend that you buy Wipro to anyone who is willing to invest for the long-term. This company has a lot of potential to make a healthy profit to long-term shareholders.

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Wipro share price target 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030

YearMinimum priceMaximum price
2022570 INR680 INR
2023890 INR990 INR
20251240 INR1550 INR
20301860 INR2050 INR
20402750 INR2950 INR


What was the Wipro share price for 1980?

In 1980, Wipro’s share price was 100 INR.

What was the Wipro share price between 1980 and 2022?

In 1980, the Wipro share price was 100 INR. Wipro’s share price was 187.50 INR in 2010. Wipro share price was 254.10 INR in 2015. Wipro share price for 2022 is 390.20 INR

What is the worth of 10000 Wipro investments?

As per the current price of Wipro shares, it is estimated that India has approximately 1400 crore Rupees

How many times has Wipro split its shares?

6 times – In years 1999, 2004, 2005, 2010, 2017, 2019.

When did Wipro enter stock market?

Wipro was the first to offer public shares in 1946.


We highlighted the wipro share price for various years, especially 1980 and 2010.

Wipro share bonus history can also be discussed. It details how many times Wipro has divided its 1 share into how many shares.

We also discussed the potential amount of money that you could have if your investment in wipro was Rupees 10,000 back in 1980. This is amazing.

Some information about wipro’s share price and market cap is provided.

Wipro’s history, such as the founder of wipro, its location, and core products, was not given enough attention.

You can also visit other pages if you are interested in investing in stocks and crypto. We provide information about investing, crypto, personal finance, and how to make money online.


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